Bounce Past

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In This Championship, the Ring Comes First
Revolving around an intramural, fraternity basketball team, this ensemble Rom-Ind-Com (Romantic-Independent-Comedy) begins with the semi-final of the championship and ends with the final, but has little to do with basketball. When a fraternity learns that their rival knows that their best player isn't a student, they're forced to find a way to legitimize their best player. And when they happen upon a secret loophole that allows spouses of students to play intramural sports, their hopes for the championship are revived. Will he do it? Can they find a girl to cooperate?

The trailer is on the Online Samples page.

The Director introduces characters from Bounce Past in the videos below.

Movie on DVD in a plastic case.
Price: $19.99 
On-Demand Rental
Coming Soon, the ability to watch this on your phone, tablet, computer or streaming-enhanced TV via 48-hour rental.
Price: $4.99