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Kuhn and Seaver Publishing is a Boston based, independent publishing house committed to providing readers with well-written, quality bodies of work in all genres ranging from fiction to non-fiction to children's literature. With a dedication to excellence and a unique understanding of the creative process and needs of the author, Kuhn and Seaver have established a strong, supportive platform for published and unpublished author alike to hone, polish and market their craft.

Featured Experience

Movie: Bounce Past

Four college students and one college-student pretender try to win a basketball championship while they work to get the romantic relationship they want. Major decisions. Goofing off. An expensive bet. A mascot spy. It's a fun movie for both guys and girls.

Hang Out with the Author or Producer

We regularly schedule online hangout sessions where you can meet the author or producer of a work that we publish. Like a book-reading at a bookstore, this is a chance to meet the author or producer and learn more about his or her recent work. For non-fiction works, this time may include a introductory presentation. You may choose to video-conference in to the meeting, or attend anonymously.
Next One: Seth Kuhn
Producer of Bounce Past
Date:  To be determined
Duration: depends on attendees,
15 - 60 minutes

Details: Our Book Editors

Rachael Barr handles the first pass, plus final polishing reviews. She is one of those people who was born with excellent language capabilities. She further developed her skills through formal education at school. (Rachael is also our Permissions Manager.)

John Maguire does regular copyediting but he is best at clarifying prose so that it is more effective and engaging. John has edited grant applications and proposals for Harvard Univ. and Univ. of Michigan Medical School, as well as pharmaceutical companies like Genzyme and Enanta. He has also covered science and medicine for three daily newspapers.

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